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Elzbieta Adamczyk

I believe in channelling my creative urges to produce work in various styles and techniques, which allows my artwork to remain unique and surprising. Inspiration for my art comes from my everyday life, living and working in the most beautiful corner of the world, Pieniny Mountains in Poland. My work is born out of years of experimenting, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. My ever-changing art is how I allow myself to view and change my inner world, without the need of changing anything on the outside.

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Each year, my work grows and evolves into something bigger, more interesting, and different. As an artist, I put a pressure on myself to constantly grow and evolve. As I experiment and mature, so does my art. See below for some of my classic pieces or check out my blog for most recent work.

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Halny is one of my most personal and relatable works. Halny is a sort of strong, warm wind that comes down the mountains and changes the atmosphere of our surroundings. Same as the wind, this piece is warm and strong and emanates quite unique feelings.


Stormy chaos is one of my favourite pieces. This oil on canvas represents an incredibly powerful theme of clouds gathering over the mountains. With the use of color and abstract expression, I wanted to evoke both the positive and negative energy and how both of theses balance itself in the nature.


In the meadow is a bright and classic piece of nature-inspired oils which presents the meadows in a more unique and playful way. This piece is more contemporary in colour compared to my more classical artwork. It also features my signature layering of paint which creates a 3D effect and allows the user to build an even stronger interaction with my work.


Sunny spells is a bright and joyful piece that brights up my day every time I see it. It is once again inspired with the mountains, but this time I captured a brighter side of the weather and the nature.


Venice is one of the pieces inspired by sailing, that adds to a very popular series of my oils that always brighten up my private collection. This work is very elegant and has quite a statement look in any interior. Check out my gallery page for more sailing-inspired art.

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